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Exsomes Therapy

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What are exosomes? 

  • Exosomes are extracellular vesicles released from cells and act as shuttle bubbles with genetic information, proteins and messenger RNA usually happens in response to pathological stimulation, e.g. injuries and inflammation. Therapeutic Billions of Exosomes by injection carrying healthy but lost genetic information insert the healthy information to target cells. Exosome released from stem cells have shown to be very powerful in regulating regenerative process for rejuvenation.


How is the therapy performed ?

  • Exosomes are administered as an iv infusion or iv push for systemic illness, diabetes, autoimmune disorder and lyme disease; also can be administered directly into joints for degenerative osteoarthritis or osteochondritis; directly inject into disc for disc tear; approach intrathecal injection for TBI, PD and SCI.  both rout of iv infusion and direct injection for refractory cases. 


What can I expect after procedure?

  • Same as PRP, may have local pain, rash, nausea or mild fever if allergic to injection agent; may have diphenhydramine prior to use Exosomes for sensitive patients. Usually patient do not feel anything after iv infusion.  Above symptoms will be resolved in 1-3 days.


When can I resume physical activities?


In order to obtain optimal response from Exosome therapy, the recommendations are as following:

  • No NSAIDS before and after Exosome therapy

  • No oever strenuous activity for the first 24-48 hours

  • Resume cardio workouts 3-4 weeks after treatment

  • Resume routine 4 weeks after.


IS Exosomes therapy safer than stem cells?

  • Both are safe procedures, but stem cells cannot be used for iv infusion if without proper process.  

  • Local injection the outcome is better if in combination with PRP.

  • Exosomes derived from stem cells are not proliferative, no chance to become tumor like Stem cells do although very small chance noted, thus safe to use.

  • Viral reaction and body rejection are extremely unlikely, Exosomes are too small molecular, they are not cells or tissue, could not cause immune response but immune modulation, thus can be used to treat Lyme disease


Does Exosomes therapy need to be repeated?

  • There is case- by- case protocol, everyone is individual, once needed Doctor Tang will discuss it with you.

  • In some cases the treatment start with small dose, then increase over time.


How long do Exosomes work in the body? What is the timeline?

  • Exosomes triggers a bi-phasic response, immediate reaction in 24 hours, then messenger RNAs that inserted into target cells to help reprogram the cells, usually takes 6-8 weeks, so the timeline is 8-10 weeks. The continued effect may continue for months after infusion or injection. Thus patient who received Exosome therapy will be followed up by Dr. Tang in 2-3 months.

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