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Electrociagnostic Study (EDX)



What is EDX?

  • EDX Includes NCS and EMG


What is NCS?

  • Nerve conduction study (NCS) is the test to check neuropathy, nerve damage or nerve disease; nerve entrapment or demyelinating changes. 


What is EMG?

  • Electromyography (EMG) to check nerve impingement that is radiculopathy; neuropathy that affects nerve axon; or muscle disease also called myopathy or myotonic dystrophy. 


What is the limitation of NCS?

  • Sometimes patient feels pain but EDX normal, suggest Postganglionic nerve damage, or at early stage the nerve damage is not severe enough to be checked out, or C-fiber neuropathy.

  • Needs good skills and training to perform the test.


What is the limitation of EMG?

  • Surrounding machine interferences cause difficult wave reading. 

  • Not only read waves but need good training to hear spontaneous waves.

  • Need clinical correlation.

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