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PRP & Stem Cell Therapy


Platelet Rich Plasma

What is PRP?

    PRP is simply a platelet concentrate, platelets in plasma concentrated 3-5x or higher than in whole blood. Platelets are anuclear 2-3 µm diameter fragments of megakaryocytes from the bone marrow and contain an abundance of growth, chemotactic, and clotting factors, Platelets are capable of adhering to and pulling together torn tissue using their tentacle-like filopodia with an internal network of actin and myosin .


How does PRP work?

    PRP is the best studied of all the regenerative therapies, provides the effects not only treat symptoms, but potentially heal an increasing number of disorders that cause chronic pain.

Within minutes of activation, platelets release platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGF-B1), interleukin 1B (IL-1B), adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and histamine. These factors stimulate leukocytes to release inflammatory cytokines (IL-1B, TNF-α, IL-6), enhance the expression of degradative enzymes of the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) family, and prepare tissue for repair and regeneration.

How much platelet-leukocyte interaction is necessary at the site of injury to optimize healing is not known. When leukocytes are increased at the site of injury, PRP will have more of an inflammatory effect. However, it has been postulated that platelets alone may be all that is necessary to repair tissue.


Who will be beneficial from PRP therapy?

  • Ligaments and Fibrocartilages injury and tear

  • Tendon injury and tear

  • Joint and cartilage injury and tear

  • Intervertebral discs and spine injury and degenerative disease

  • Soft tissue injury and tear

  • Wound healing


Any precaution and contraindication?

  • Avoid aspirin for 10 days and NSAIDS for 5 days.

  • PRP should likely not come into contact with local anesthesia and radiographic contrast dye.

  • NSAIDS inhibit healing via inhibit prostaglandin mediated vasodilation, should be avoided at least 8 weeks following PRP injection

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